Chongsan Kwon

Research Center Director, Principal Investigator, Head professor of the Department of Metaverse Convergence (Graduate School) and the Computer Graphic Design Major (Undergraduate)

Chongsan Kwon is the head professor of the Department of Metaverse Convergence at the Graduate School of Catholic Kwandong University, Gangneung, Korea, and the head professor of Computer Graphic Design Major at the undergraduate level. He is leading the 'Interactive Metaverse Convergence Research Center(IMCRC)' and is the CEO of TechSAN Inc. He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture from  Kyonggi  University in  2002, his Master of Engineering in Visual Contents from Dongseo University in 2009, and his Doctor's degree (Ph.D.) in Digital Contents and Information from Seoul National University in 2017. He worked as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Division at Dongseo University from 2018 to 2021. His research focuses on establishing metaverse ecosystems and applying XR(VR)/MR(AR) for education, healthcare, and social welfare systems,  with a  particular focus on experiential learning and situated learning. Some of his research interests include:

- Metaverse 

- XR(VR) / MR(AR) Application

- Photogrammetry Technology

- Real-time Volumetric Capture Technology

- Digital Human

- Gamification